Tree Removal

remo-1 Iron Mountain Tree Care will completely remove even the largest and most dangerous trees. We are committed to keeping the safety of your house our utmost concern and highest priority. During removal, limbs are lowered with care and precision using specialty equipment and advanced rigging techniques. Our expertly trained arborists are skilled in the art of removing any tree while circumventing and avoiding damage. Our vast experience in logging and tree extraction in a variety of precarious situations leaves no task we can’t handle. We always guarantee our signature, impeccable clean up job! We also provide the service of acquiring the tree removal permits that are necessary to execute the removal. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Iron Mountain Tree Care offers any type of tree removal, including:

  • Dead Tree Removal:

    The process of clearing dead trees to enhance your property.

  • Hazardous Tree Removal:

    This consists of removing trees that pose a potential hazard to your house or land.  In Wisconsin, call the tree service Madison WI trusts for dangerous tree removals.

  • Invasive Species Removal:

    We specialize in the identification and removal of non-native, invasive tree species.

  • Re-planting:

    We are equipped to transplant or plant a new tree in your landscape. Iron Mountain Tree Care specializes in the relocation and re-planting of trees.

  • Lot Clearance:

    If you are interested in remodeling, land development or clearing a lot to build a house, Iron Mountain Tree Care will take out any trees or vegetation standing in your way.

  • Stump Grinding:

    Iron Mountain Tree Care offers complete stump removal and stump grinding. This is the most efficient way to eliminate the stump after a tree removal leaving a smooth surface for further utilization of the area.

  • Permit Acquisition Assistance:

    We are well versed in the ins and outs of attaining tree removal permits. There are many different situations, areas or timelines that can affect tree removal permits and Iron mountain Tree Care is here to guide you through all the tree removal specifications and acquire a permit for you.