Properly maintained trees add a level of beauty and elegance to your property. Iron Mountain Tree Care offers extensive services to meet any variety of needs. Even if you are not facing an immediate hazard, trees require regular attention to support health, beauty and structural integrity. We provide many tree service options, including: tree removal, fine pruning, tree trimming, wind thinning, dead wood trimming, hazard maintenance and view clearance to improve your property value and ease your mind. We are here to walk you through the type of maintenance that best fits your landscape and prolong the life of your trees.

Tree Healthtrunk

We are dedicated to the preservation and health of each individual tree, while improving the desired vision of your property. Iron Mountain Tree Care provides a team of experts with extensive knowledge in age, condition, location and and species of trees so we can efficiently execute your goals. We provide honest and ethical advice regarding the health of your trees so you can easily choose the plan that best suites you. Whether you need advice on tree disease or extending the life of your trees, our professional arborists will work with you to provide the services needed to keep your trees healthy today and in the future.


Safety is our top priority. Iron Mountain Tree Care offers confident, experienced arborists that practice the latest climbing and rigging techniques, meeting ANSI and ISA standards. This is accomplished using the most advanced tree climbing methodologies of quickly and sensitively climbing and working within the tree. We go to great lengths to ensure the safety and efficiency of our team while protecting you and your property. We are fully licensed bonded and insured so you can have peace of mind as we work on your property, knowing that you are fully protected.  We also work with one of the best tree care company’s in the nation when it comes to advanced safety techniques: Trinity Tree Service Dayton OH – they are the best in the industry!